About the Journal

About Colour Turn

Colour Turn was launched in 2018 as a peer-reviewed journal that aims to promote and advance interdisciplinary research in colour studies. Colour Turn is based at the University of Tübingen, Germany, and is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The journal is published electronically via the University of Tübingen’s Open Journal System.

Colour is a multifaceted topic that lends itself to investigation from a wide range of fields within the natural sciences, technological studies and the humanities. As its name suggests, the interdisciplinary and international journal Colour Turn is dedicated to turning over a new leaf in the study of colour.

The journal invites high-quality research articles and papers that employ innovative approaches – including scientific methodologies, historical reconstructions, collection and close reading of old and new materials, empirical experiments, digital humanities, analytical, comparative and critical reviews – that break new ground in colour science and colour studies. The journal promises a collaborative effort of high-level editorial and reviewing expertise in colour studies from all over the world.

Scope of the Journal

As an international, peer-reviewed journal, Colour Turn strives to bring together scholars from different disciplines around the world and provide a collaborative digital platform for their research. Available in electronic format, the journal is intended for researchers, professionals, students and general readers alike. The journal publishes high quality research papers, academic reviews and articles in eight key areas of investigation: Colour in Interdisciplinary Context, Colour and the Mind, Colour and Nature, Colour and Technology, Colour and Communication, Colour in Art and Media, Colour in Culture and Society and Reviews.

Historical Reprint

As well as publishing new findings, Colour Turn seeks to re-examine the history of colour research. To this end, we plan to publish annotated versions of historical research literature. The aim is not only to commemorate the long history of colour research, but also to re-contextualise these historical texts within the contemporary field of colour studies.

Bibliography of Colour Science

In an effort to support young scholars in their work, Colour Turn is currently working on curating a “Bibliography of Colour Science” in the different research areas of the journal. The bibliography will be openly accessible through Colour Turn and can be used by all interested researchers. We look forward to sharing more information soon.

Open Access Policy

This journal offers open access to its content, in line with the basic assumption that the free public availability of research benefits a worldwide exchange of knowledge.